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Dishes and Books

We pride ourselves in delivering Quality products without compromising on food hygiene & safety.

We have various frozen mouth watering Afro-Caribbean dishes. Our meals are home cooked, handcrafted with no additives. We utilise fresh local produce as much as possible to give you that authentic taste.
If you want something specific that is not here, please ask. We can include your regular orders on our range or specially made for you. We will notify you when your orders are dispatched. Please leave an email address or a mobile Telephone Number. So we can mail or text you. There is a delivery charge.

Delivery charge across uk mainland = £10.99 (we will notify you when your orders will be dispatched)

See individual prices for dry products
Products will arrive at the delivery address properly packaged in the right medium (please Advise us where to leave your parcel if you are not in, because we would still have to pay the courier for an attempt to deliver. Thank you)

Please ring us if you want anything, shop closed. Thanks


Cooking is fun Cookery Book. Grace has released her book Cooking is Fun. The book is priced at £5.99. See below for more info.


Click to view the Front and Back Cover  

Health Challenges of 21st Century Living: The Role of Food & Lifestyle. The book is priced at £5.99. Click here to view the cover


1. Calalloo -African/Caribbean green vegetable / Efo Tete/ Amaranth. Organic and local, ready to use - Frozen, Fresh & potted plant. Use fresh leaves in salad, stir fry & stew. Try the calalloo stew with our pepper sauce. Amaranth is Packed full of minerals & complete protein (up to 87% of your daily requirement) See our recipe idea on the pack. £1.99 (P&P £3.99 per item)


8. Jerk Chicken - Traditional Jamaican style. Full of flavour, Fresh ingredients & spices. £3.99

2. RNK Pepper Sauce - Fresh and full of flavours of Africa. No additives. Fresh in a bottle or frozen in a tub £2.50 (P&P £3.99 per item)   9. Curried Goat aromatic, delicious and bursting with flavours and freshness. South African Boer Goat bred Locally in Cheshire. Full of goodness, polyunsaturated fat and B Vitamins £4.99



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3. Jerk Cooking Spice (with Recipe idea) try our Jerk chicken recipe. £1.99 (P&P £3.99 per item)


10. Fried plantain Golden. Nicely fried in Rapeseed Oil (Polyunsaturated Oil). A bowl to share. Eat with pepper sauce, our rice & meats dishes or just eat on its own £2.50

4. Curry Cooking spice for all your curries. Great with meat, fish & vegetables. Try our curried goat recipe on the bottle £1.99 (P&P £3.99 per item)


11. Spinach or Calalloo stew (We use Spinach when Calalloo is out of season) - cooked African style in our famous RNK Pepper Sauce. Delicious Vegetarian delight. £2.50

5. Suya Spice African Spiced Pepper. Fiery and aromatic. Great with beef & Pork (Includes recipe Idea) £1.99 (P&P £3.99 per item)  

12. Cooking is fun Cookery Book available on DVD.£3.99 (P&P £3.99 per item)

6. Rice & Peas - Caribbean style of Cooking rice & beans. Very flavoursome, healthy, packed with goodness. Try it with our aromatic curried Goat, Jerk Chicken or plantain and spinach for Vegetarian option £2.99


7. Jollof Rice Savoury rice of West Africa. Delicious with anything £2.99



RNK Afro-Caribbean Cookery Book Now On Sale

Grace has released her book Cooking is Fun. The book is priced at £5.99. Now available at Waterstones
To purchase the book or for any book enquiries please call 07761558314

Front and Back Covers: (click to view as PDF)

Click to view the Front and Back Cover

Sample Recipe Page: (click to view as PDF)

View this sample recipe as a PDF