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African Supper Club


iCARE Africa is a UK-based Not –for – Profit Christian organisation with charitable aims.
We fund our projects by raising funds from within and without, through donations and gifts

iCARE Africa aims to identify need in the global community with a special emphasis on Africa. Our name outlines the main goal for creating our organisation. We seek to identify a need and find simple ways to meet this need in the shortest possible timeframe.

We seek to connect those who are in need with anyone who is willing to help or share whatever little they have.
We aim to raise awareness of the imbalances in our community and shed more light on what others can do to help out. This includes:
• Individuals
• Families
• Organisations
• Communities

• Our process starts with the identification of a need in the community.
• This is followed by the creation of a project for this need.
• We then gather all the relevant information on the status quo.
• This is then followed by formulation of possible ways to meet this need.

This includes estimations of any costs involved, the search for simple ways to meet the need and how we can make sure that the solution is not temporary or a one-off.
• We then embark on a search to find resources. This process includes finding cost effective ways of raising funds/resources and getting them to the place of need.
• This is followed by the delivery of resources to the place of need.

If you will like to be part of this project feel free to get in touch with us or find us on Facebook

Dear Friends,
Our latest Project is the 'DAILY BREAD CAFE - providing daily bread and essential needs to honest hardworking working class citizens in Nigeria, who are working but not paid wages for months and months!

Tell me, how are they supposed to make ends meet?! Many of them are families with kids, how can this be going on for that long, or even at all? I can't fathom this misnomer! Innocent hardworking people are literally 'killed' by hunger. This is totally unfair! If I feel the pain as a human being, Imagine the pain and trauma these people are facing on daily basis, both psychological, social and physical pain! This is very depressing to say the least! That is why I plead for your help. You and I can do something about it and help to lighten their burden. 'Every little goes a long way' PLEASE HELP. DONATE today!

Just £1 from 44 people will feed 33 families of 6 a meal each for a day! (198 people will be fed a meal for one day for just £44 pounds!) The more we donate the more people can be fed. Follow or click our page to donate or inbox me to make a one off or monthly donation of just £1 or more if you can. You can follow our activities and the proof and report of how the money is spent can be emailed to you periodically if you so wish. I can guarantee you that this will be guarded and protected. Some people have started donating already. Thank you all. Your generosity and kindness is much appreciated